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They are extraordinary spots to host youngsters’ birthday gathering celebrations at. Most kids need their birthday part to just be a period when they can get together with some of their companions and have some good times. They don’t essentially need a sorted out occasion that expenses a ton of money, they basically need to have some good times.

Indoor play zones make superb spots for these sorts of celebrations. The play areas have bouncy houses for the kids to hop in, a large portion of them have indoor trampolines for the children to hop on, and they for the most part have slides. The youngsters get the chance to run and play with abandon while the folks know they are protected from mischief.

The weather does not scratch off a birthday party that is being held at indoor play regions. When you host your kid’s birthday get-together outside in the recreation center blustery weather can bring about the gathering to be drop, cool weather can interfere with the gathering, and even hot weather can wipe out the gathering.

36IN trampoline park

Founded in 2007, 36IN Trampoline Park home base is located in Shanghai, China. We specialize in manufacturing and designing indoor Trampoline Park System. Our products have been sold all over the world, special well in Europe, United States, Australia, Canada, South America, the Middle East, and other parts of the world. With advanced production equipment, mature technologies, excellent quality, high-quality services and improved management, our online shop has formed a good trade reputation and received highly speaking of by customers.

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Why Choose 36IN

  • Factory price
    36IN we have the best designers from US and Europe who focus on designing Trampoline Park Systems for years. Within a competitively priced and end to end managed service,36IN soon becoming the world’s largest indoor Trampoline Park manufacture. 
  • 500 plus designs
    36IN have more than 500 3D modeling for our customers to choose. 
  • Help you build your dream
    We are not only a professional factory for Trampoline Park, we also help people make dreams become true. Within limited budgets, most of you can’t start built your own indoor trampoline park. Here at 36in, you don’t need worry about money. No matter how tight is your budget, how small space you have, there is always a PLAN A for your case. We can produce a custom design indoor trampoline park facility to suit all budgets and space allowances.

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